Alysha Dewick

Let's have a walk through my journey so far!

“When you work with me, you’ll have someone BY your side and ON your side.”

*Alysha Dewick

Alysha Dewick is the founder and Head Coach of AMD Business Evolutions coaching. As both a business and life coach, Alysha assists business owners to re-ignite their self-belief so they have the power to achieve their business dreams.

The process begins by looking at your business in a truly holistic manner. With Alysha’s guidance, you’ll create a strategy and begin implementing your plan. Then it won’t be long before you’ll see a dramatic, positive impact on your personal and professional life. This is when you’ll know you are on track to achieving your business vision.

Over the years, Alysha has worked with many business owners who have great ideas but are frustrated by the progress they are making. With Alysha by your side, your business dreams will come to life and you’ll be on your way to achieving the business success that currently seems elusive.

We approach things differently

One of the differences with the AMD Business Evolutions’ approach is their focus on all aspects of a business. This holistic style of coaching is fundamental to the way they work on every clients’ business.

It comes from Alysha’s core belief that if you focus too much attention on a single aspect of a business, the other areas will fall into disarray. This leaves business owners feeling like they are jumping from one problem to another without ever progressing towards their ultimate goals.

But, by looking at all aspects of your business, and developing a comprehensive strategy with achievable objectives, you’ll start methodically working towards achieving your goals.

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Highlights - 

  • Coached a business as it converted significant business losses into sizable profits in just 2 years. This was achieved by working closely with all key stakeholders and identifying ways to streamline processes to become more efficient.

  • Revolutionised staff productivity and performance by working with them to streamline processes and implement new platforms to improve efficiency. Alysha also helped the business owner identify key personnel and staffing issues which included providing more comprehensive training and better new staff onboarding programs.

  • Alysha coached a business through its expansion phase by using established relationships and targeting new customers. The owner now has an easy to use business model to expand further while still delivering a cost effective, reliable and highly targeted services.

  • In a competive market, Alysha worked with a start-up business and its existing team to differentiate their service offering from more established competitors. A component of the strategy was to identifying better platforms to improve efficiency and the implementation of customer profiling to deliver more effective marketing. As a result, the business has experienced significant growth and a strong foundation for future expansion.



AMD awesome clients who are now shinning and building businesses that suit their lifestyles, dreams and match their goals.

Nathan Emeny

Reliable Pool Services

When I first started my business I never had any guidance or assistance on how to achieve my goals, I knew where I wanted to be and thought I knew how I was going to get there but after a few years I was going backwards and losing money.

When I spoke with Alysha she patiently listened and discussed what I wanted to achieve, she asked questions and made me realise what I thought I knew didn't compare to what she can offer.

With Alysha's help and guidance, together we developed a plan on how I could get my business to where it should have been, by reviewing staff, internal processes, other consultants and my attitude, in one year we were able to not only turn the business around and make it more profitable than it has ever been, but I have now found time to spend with my wife and have more time to enjoy life rather than constantly thinking and stressing about work.

My only regret is I didn't consult Alysha earlier, as I would have been much further ahead than where I am now. I look forward to working with her going forward and seeing how much further I can take my businesses with her guidance.

Jessica Hastings

Focal Point Laser Cutting

When we began our first business we knew that to operate effectively and set the foundations for growth from the beginning, we would need some help. After someone recommended that we speak with Alysha at AMD, we haven't operated the same since. Alysha helped us go from mum and dad decision making to thinking strategically about our business decisions. We gained the tools to build on our business from the beginning and Alysha was there to support us the entire way, helping us lead our business in a strategic direction and making those big decisions seem far less daunting. We can't thank you enough for being part of our journey!


Sydney, Australia

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