Sydney, Australia

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Communication & Courage

The concept of having the courage to contribute in the workplace has transformed and continues to do so with a change of demographic, the ongoing rise of individuality and the importance of company culture. ⁠To be dynamic and at the forefront of our industries we are faced with the looming need to embrace courage to exert ourselves and rise above our insecurities and industry standards.

Depending on your personality, there are varying degrees of boundary pushing required to alleviate our inner worry, speaking up and making ourselves known. If you don't think something is making sense or is not sitting right, make yourself visible and raise your comments so your contribution can be heard. Remember - your opinion is foremost important, could change the course of a business decision, be a changer maker in the industry, demonstrate your passion and encourage others to engage with you as an active member of the team. ⁠

BUT..... we also do have to challenge this assertion to simply listening and information gather. Active listening is not just letting words roll through your mind but to absorb the meaning and context of the conversation. Connecting opinions and critically thinking. ⁠When entering a meeting or engaging with team members over a new idea, I want you to start build in a few techniques:

* Be attentive authentically

* Ask Open Ended Questions

* Use eye contact and be forward facing to the speaker

Before taking a leap of faith listen, draw your opinion, take a deep breath and and speak out with confidence in your tone and an open posture. Back up your comments with facts and the inclusion of others opinions. ⁠