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This Week… Engaging Marketing Companies

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

First impressions of marketing companies, their approach, attention to detail and the conversation about your requirements.

Rule of thumb is always ensure that you are speaking with a variety of seasoned marketing professionals to get a look and feel that is right for you. Take time and ensure you are on the same page and engaged on the right level for maximum output. There are now so many marketing businesses promoting their speciality and capabilities but I want you to be harnessed with the information needed to sift through the noise and find your best option.

Be prepared for questions about your business including:

What is your competitive advantage? What makes your unique or stand out from the other businesses in your field?

How do you want to be perceived in the marketplace? This will include your tone, look and feel and target market.

What is your product or service?

What marketing platforms are important for your business or industry?

What the business' key targets or goals that need to be met?

Do you have a brand package?

How frequently would you like offers and brand awareness material to be sent out across the different platforms? (Daily, bi-weekly, weekly, monthly)

Make sure you have these questions in mind:

Are you available to take on more work at the moment?

Do you have a particular speciality?

Do you only provide a strategy or do you implement (including posting, comment management and engagement)?

How would our engagement work? Do we have face to face meetings or phone conversations for you to understand the business and trajectory?

How do you organise and receive my approval for posts or blogs? How frequently will you require me to sign off on draft posts and blogs?

Do you need a database of key words, post content, ideas and images?

Reference check - who have you worked for in the past, what were the parameters of the project, how long did the project last and what industry was the business?

There are some companies that have a more relaxed and fluid strategy whilst others take a very structured course of action. Remember it is key to have a great connection with whoever you are engaging as they are now becoming the manager of your voice in the public eye. It is close to having your own personal relations manager, so it is vital the marketing manager understands how you like to work, is excited about the project, passionate and resonates with your vision and mission.

Be aware and detailed when making your decision by keeping a keen eye on their key performance indicators (KPIs) in proposals, creating a drive and push for results that satisfy your goals. Also make it a priority to research previous projects they have worked on by making calls and enquiring about the deliverable, the level of responsiveness and ability to adapt.

When selecting the AMD marketing manager there was an interesting conflict in my mind. Did the priority lie with the personal connection or did I want to push my boundaries with someone who has a more strategic and higher level approach? My comfortable side is screaming for the company who is easier and won't overly push my personal and professional boundaries. I know the more strategic choice will more effectively enable my goals to be achieved but I await a final proposal to make the decision. My focus is clear and intentions set.