Sydney, Australia

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This Week... When you face the cold front

We all have those weeks when you feel like you are pushing against the cold front, not being able to move beyond the chaos and lashings of negativity.

We all can be captured by the pressure to do or be something greater than ourselves and our current mindset. It is these moments where we feel we need that one win that would give us that push to move beyond being defeated or captured in the ‘this is too hard mentality’.

Sometimes we are at the helm of life taking its own course.

It is key at times of overwhelm, head spinning point of ’officially’ out of control when you should be remembering these 6 pointers:

1. Have an accountability partner to touch base with and openly discuss how you are feeling and your strategy for deconstructing your pain points

2. Reflect with intent on finding the small wins and compound these for a rebuild of momentum

3. Ask for someone else's opinion about what they think about your progress for a transparent and honest review (are you pushing yourself over the edge unnecessarily?)

4. Tough times enable you to learn the fundamentals of how to develop resilience, bold skills, strength and commitment

5. Use this time as a space to explore breaking down barriers and points of resistance by questioning yourself using the third person perspective for addition clarity

6. How to eat an elephant…. One bite at a time.

As small business owners and employees, we are always encouraged to pursue ways to push our boundaries to reach new heights. It is with these times that we are sometimes faced with the tough reality of having to be consistent with great fortitude.